ASTM B545 Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Tin

ASTM B545 is a standard specification that outlines the requirements for electrodeposited coatings of tin on various metallic substrates.


Introduction to ASTM B545

ASTM B545 establishes the criteria for electrodeposited tin coatings, which are widely used to enhance the corrosion resistance, solderability, and aesthetic appearance of metallic surfaces. The specification defines the parameters for the deposition process and the properties that the tin coatings have to possess to meet specific performance requirements.

ASTM B545 provides guidelines for the thickness, appearance, adhesion, and other properties of tin coatings, ensuring their quality and performance in different applications.

ASTM B545 Test Method

The ASTM B545 specification includes the following key requirements for tin coatings:

Coating ThicknessThe standard specifies the minimum and maximum coating thickness for different classes of tin coatings. The thickness is determined using suitable measurement methods such as micrometers or non-destructive techniques like X-ray fluorescence.
Coating AppearanceThe coating has a smooth, uniform, and continuous appearance without any visible defects. The color and brightness of the coating vary depending on the specific requirements.
AdhesionThe tin coating adheres firmly to the substrate without peeling or flaking during normal use or subsequent processing. Adhesion is assessed through tape adhesion and bend testing.
Corrosion ResistanceThe tin coating provides effective corrosion protection to the underlying substrate. Corrosion resistance is evaluated using tests like salt spray (fog) testing and humidity testing.
SolderabilityThe tin coating is wetted and bonded with solder materials. Solderability tests assess the coating’s compatibility with solder alloys and its ability to form reliable solder joints.

ASTM B545 Specimens

Specimen detailsASTM B545 specimens are metallic materials such as steel, copper, or other metals.
Specimen dimensionsThe general sample size for ASTM B545 varies depending on the specific requirements of the specimen and the intended application.
Specimen preparationSpecimens are injection molded or cut from molded or extruded sheets or plates.

ASTM B545 Results

The test method ASTM D545 testing ensures that the electrodeposited tin coatings meet the specified requirements for thickness, appearance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and solderability. These results provide confidence to manufacturers and end-users regarding the quality, performance, and durability of the tin-coated products.

Tests Related to ASTM B545

ASTM B545 is related to standards such as ASTM B537 for accelerated corrosion testing of tin-coated steel electrodes and ASTM B689 for electroplated coatings of gold for engineering uses.


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You can share your astm b545 testing requirements with MaTestLab. MaTestLab has a vast network of material testing laboratories, spread across the USA and Canada. We support your all material testing needs ranging from specific astm b545 test to various testing techniques.

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