Electrical Insulation and Electronics

Electronics is the branch of science that studies flow and control of electrons (electricity), their behavior in conducting materials, insulators, semiconductors, vacuums, and gases. The motion of electrons takes place under the influence of applied electric and/or magnetic fields. Electrical insulation or resistivity is the property of the material by which the material does not allow electricity to transfer through them or reduce the transfer rate. There are a variety of electrical insulating materials available today, each with special qualities and advantages.


Electrical Insulation Testing

A substance or material acting as an electricity insulator inhibits the flow of electrons between two ends of a material or between two things. Electrical systems employ it to safeguard energy, avoid short-circuits between parts, and avert dangerous situations like fires and explosions. Typically, non-conductive materials like rubber, plastic, glass, porcelain, and even air are used to create insulators.  It is important to specify, assess, and test the electrical and physical properties of materials utilized primarily as electrical insulation in devices and related equipment. Testing and assessment activities depend on insulating material standards. The characteristics for which the insulators are evaluated are: the dielectric breakdown voltage, the dielectric strength, the AC loss, the permittivity (dielectric constant), the DC resistance and conductance, the dissipation factor, the ion exchange capacity, the ionic resistivity, and other tangible characteristics. Electrical insulating material standards inspect and evaluate such materials and equipment to verify that they are suitable for safe usage in the end use environment.

Electronics Testing

The study of flow and control of electrons (electricity), their behavior in conducting materials, insulators, semiconductors, vacuums, and gases is known as electronics. All electronic devices are tested for their performance and identification of faulty parts, if any, before sending them to the market. Electronics testing is a crucial part of electronic devices and parts manufacturing. Other than electronic manufacturing, circuit design, maintenance, repairing, and servicing of electronic devices also need electronics testing extensively. Electronic devices consist of complex circuitry, active and passive components, integrated circuits (ICs), etc., so it is necessary to have proper testing methods and environment to test an electronic device by measuring their characteristics properties. Various electronics testing devices are used to perform electronics testing such as Multimeter, EMF Meter, LCR Meter, Logic Analyzer, High potential (Hipot) Tester, Spectrum Analyzer, Cable Tester, Oscilloscope, Voltmeter, Ammeter and Frequency Meter.
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