ASTM E736 Test Method for Cohesion/Adhesion of Sprayed Fire-Resistive Materials

ASTM E736 test method determines the cohesion, adhesion, or bond strength (tensile) of sprayed fire-resistive material (SFRM) applied to stiff backing perpendicular to the surface. A metal or plastic cap with a hook is used to determine cohesion/adhesion. A suitable adhesive is used to secure the cap on the SFRM before load application is done and failure point is determined.


Introduction to ASTM E736

ASTM E736 test procedures identify sprayed fire-resistive material (SFRM) attributes that are used as a sign of their suitability for in-place service. A SFRM applied to structural parts and assemblies must operate satisfactorily during fire circumstances as well as be able to withstand the different influences that may be present during construction and throughout the structure’s life. For determining the SFRM’s suitability for applications where cohesion and adhesion are important considerations, such as fireproofing or insulation, ASTM E736 is used to examine the mechanical qualities of the SFRM and is applicable in both laboratory and field procedures.

ASTM E736 Test Method

The cohesion or adhesion of a material, such as a SFRM, is determined using a metal or plastic cap with a hook attached. An increasing load is applied, and the failure point is measured using a scale.

Cap AttachmentA metal or plastic cap is attached with a hook to the surface of the SFRM with adhesive.
Load Application and MeasurementA gradual increase in load is a manual process of applying an increasing load to the cap attached to the SFRM. Failure point determination involves continuous monitoring until failure occurs, and scale measurement is used to measure the load applied at the point of failure.

ASTM E736 Specimens

Specimen detailsCylindrical specimens are used for ASTM E736 testing, with three specimens per material or system and SFRM being tested. Fibrous and cementitious materials that are sprayed are among these fire-resistant materials.
Specimen dimensionsThe dimensions of ASTM E736 specimens should be chosen to accurately represent the material being tested and allow for proper testing procedures.
Specimen preparationA mold or container is prepared , cleaned, applied with a mold release agent, mixed and the SFRM material is applied, the surface levelled, the material cured, and the specimen is removed carefully.

ASTM E736 Results

The internal strength or connection between particles within the SFRM is assessed using cohesion theory. The bonding power between the SFRM and the cap is evaluated using adhesion. To assess the mechanical characteristics of the SFRM and its applicability for particular applications, material suitability determination is employed.

Test Methods Related to ASTM E736

ASTM E736 is related to standards such as ASTM E84 for surface burning characteristics of building materials and ASTM E605 for thickness and density of sprayed fire-resistive material (SFRM) applied to structural members.


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You can share your astm e736 testing requirements with MaTestLab. MaTestLab has a vast network of material testing laboratories, spread across the USA and Canada. We support your all material testing needs ranging from specific astm e736 test to various testing techniques.

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