ASTM A967 Specification for Chemical Passivation Treatments for Stainless Steel Parts

ASTM A967 includes a variety of chemical passivation methods for items made of stainless steel. It contains advice and safety measures for descaling, cleaning, and passivating stainless steel components.


Introduction to ASTM A967

All types of stainless steel components are intended to have their corrosion resistance improved by ASTM A967 for chemical passivation treatments. ASTM A967 deals with the problem of iron or foreign particles that may stick/embed in the surface during processing and, if not removed, may result in the development of rust or stain marks. To prevent these problems, the specification advises chemically treating the parts to remove these particles and allow a passive coating to form on the cleansed surface naturally/with the help of chemical augmentation.

ASTM A967 Test Method

ASTM A967 describes the methods, supplies, and specifications for passivating stainless steel parts in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and medical industries. ASTM A967 verifies passivation’s efficacy, notably in terms of removing free iron and other external materials. Test is conducted as follows:

Specimen PreparationThe specimen is prepared in accordance with the requirements given and is checked to make sure it is clean and free of contaminants.
Test Setup and ExecutionThoroughly cleaned and rinsed specimens are immersed in the passivating solution for the allotted time and temperature. Remove the samples from the passivating solution when the appropriate immersion time has passed, then give them a thorough rinsing with deionized water.

ASTM A967 Specimens

Specimen detailsThe ASTM A967 test method is applicable to various stainless steel parts.
Specimen dimensionsDepending on the specific application and the desired evaluation of the passivation process, the dimensions may change.
Specimen preparationFollowing cleaning, the samples proceed through the passivation process outlined in ASTM A967, which entails submerging the samples in a passivating solution for a predetermined time and temperature. The passivating solution’s composition, temperature, and immersion time all meet the standards’ specifications.

ASTM A967 Results

On the surface of the stainless steel pieces, the passivation process makes formation of a passive film that serves as a protective barrier, preventing additional corrosion and maintaining the material’s integrity. By eradicating free iron and other impurities from the surface, the passivation process improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

Tests Related to ASTM A967

ASTM A967 is similar to procedures used for corrosion resistance evaluation of stainless steel, including ASTM A380 for detection of free iron contamination on the surface of stainless steel parts plastics and ASTM B117 for evaluation of the resistance to corrosion by exposure to a salt spray environment.


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Where can I get the astm a967 tested?

You can share your astm a967 testing requirements with MaTestLab. MaTestLab has a vast network of material testing laboratories, spread across the USA and Canada. We support your all material testing needs ranging from specific astm a967 test to various testing techniques.

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